List of poker hands

poker hand rankings 

Being a part of gambling is not a simple thing because only when you know those gambling strategies you can able to survive in this gambling. Generally, gamblers gamble for only two reasons one is just for time pass and another category is for real money. Until you are gambling for fun it doesn’t matter but when it for the money you have to take each step carefully. Especially while you are involving in poker games you should be aware of each and everything and should pick the best poker hands to see more profits.

In case, you are unaware of those best-rated poker hands here is the list of poker hands based on their rankings look at them which can help you in making the decision on which to go with.

Straight flush

It is not that usual poker hand games they are legendary poker hands. Even most of the gamblers have not seen them in their gambling experience. While playing this poker game if you have the royal flush with you then no others hands can beat you so you can bet so confidently.

kind of poker game

Four of a kind

Finding this kind of poker game is very rare. To explain to you the game, if you have a total of 5 cards with you. Here the odds pull four cards out of five and that decides your winning. If you have the quad deuces with you then you will be the winner of these poker hands.


The flush poker hands are almost similar to that straight flush but it is a kind of five-card combination game. Each of those cards will be belonging to the same suit but they don’t have a straight one.

Full house

This full house poker hand is also mentioned with another name that is a full boat. This poker hand game involves three of a kind and a pair and this going to take the rest of your betting. In this game, the three higher-ranking cards will beat the three lower-ranking cards based on their paired component.

Three of a kind

Three of a kind is an uncommon poker hands type, in this poker three of a kind card will be randomly picked but it occurs only once in 47 times. You have to guess those three cards with the same ranking to win the game.

Those above-mentioned are some of the best-rated poker hand rankings through revising them you can collect the knowledge on the relevant topic that assists you in picking the right poker hands to bet.