Safety Tips for Motorcyclists


The road is filled with factors that arise due to uncertainty, which in turn is the result of lack of preparation. So if you’re a motorcyclist and do not follow the required measures of safety, then things can get out of hand in a matter of time. Due to that, we are here to provide a few tips that will help you manoeuvre around with ease by keeping the sign of safety intact. So to carry things forward, here are the tips that you need to follow.

1. Your Mirrors

A bike’s mirrors tend to tell you a remarkable story, and it is one that you need to listen closely to. Apart from all the background action, your mirrors also try to inform you about the distance between your bike and all that is happening over at the back. So by following the same, you will be cautious each time you make a move or do anything on the road. In this manner, accidents can be prevented, and the factor of unpredictability can be curtailed to a large extent.


2. Cover the brakes

Keeping a finger or you’re hand over the brakes is an integral part of the entire process of riding safely. By doing so, you will not be going all out to search for the same or to reach out during times of necessity. So keep your fingers close to the liver and ensure that you never take it away, except for times of absolute requirement. Apart from minimizing the reach time, you will also be able to be prepared to face all kinds of situations.

3. Utilizing Power

The rule for safety tends to change a bit during times of traffic but manages to remain the same for the bigger picture. One of the critical changes comes in the form of power and how you need to utilize it. So while you’re in traffic, always ride in a gear that is lower than the one that you would typically choose. By doing so, your bike will be ready to jump forward, instead of being limited. These higher reves will also alert other drivers, as they hear the sound of the engine approaching their vehicle.

Utilizing Power

4. Noticeable

There is no hard and fast rule about following the dress code while you’re going to hit the road. But wearing something that will make you noticeable is indeed essential for all the right reasons. Apart from the all-black attire, you need to pick something colourful and bright, so that others are drawn towards you. In this manner, they will be ready to take suitable action when you arrive and avoid any form of confusion. So go ahead and do some shopping.



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